A study on customer satisfaction towards various brands of two wheelers in chennai city

Customer Satisfaction Toward Maruti Suzuki

Want to invite Sreeram, just drop a card. Though in the nascent stage, the company seemed to have done well for itself, recording an exceptionally good performance.

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Another reason behind the fast run of SUVs and UVs is the growing love of Indians to travel between cities, where they prefer cars more than any other mode after the improvement in road infrastructure. The vehicle comes with an array of safety features that make it a veritable fortress.

Some of Other Strategies: His loyalists are on the wait. In all, the company sold 50, units, including 1, units of exports, during January The marketing organisation should know how consumers evaluate alternatives on salient or important attributes and make their buying.

She discovers there is a list of things to learn on her mind, which she hopes to take up one by one. The cheetah — inspired XUV is a pioneer, even in design. A few empirical studies have found these linkages to be true.


Not only is it important to conduct exist interviews but also to monitor the customer loss rate, which if it is increasing, clearly indicates that the company is failing to satisfy its customers.

Lastly, EVs cannot take off unless there is some basic level of charging infrastructure available. The company ranks 3rd overall after Honda motors and Yamaha motors.

The model Alto is exported to many European countries. The lithium ion battery is just too expensive. A source who has been involved in these negotiations and discussions says that this is a big cheque to write.

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Customer Satisfaction may be defined as a qualitative measure where in a customer experiences various degrees of satisfaction until the performance of the product matches his expectations.

Botsa got his way with getting his candidate Veerabhadra Swamy. His main points can be summed up thus: However, she believes the things are changing for the better.Tirupati Rao, Zonal Head (Sales and Customer Care), Mahindra 2 Wheelers, Chennai and Venkat Anil, Managing Partner, Silicon Motors were present at the launch.

A Study On Customer Satisfaction Towards Various Brands Of Two Wheelers In Chennai City. Introduction: This is research is based on the consumer decision towards the two wheeler in India. The two-wheeler market has witnessed a marked shift towards motorcycles at the expense of scooters. Jun 01,  · customer satisfaction survey report on himalayas shampoo, consumer behavior ayur herbal, project of consumer preference and satisfaciton, customer satisfaction towards personal care products, questionnaire on consumer behaviour towards shampoo brands, project on customer preference towards herbal and chemical, questionnaire on customer.


Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin To study the customer satisfaction with usage of their cars. attitude and performance towards the customer enhances tremendously.

Internal This is especially true for high involvement products such as cars, two-wheelers, durables etc. Ranks highest in Customer Satisfaction with Original Equipment Tyres for the 12th time in 16 years. MRF signs AB de Villiers as brand ambassdor The world's no.1 ranked batsman in Tests and ODIs, South Africa's AB de Villiers has signed on as MRF brand ambassador.

A study on customer satisfaction towards various brands of two wheelers in chennai city
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